Colombian Visas – Fiancée Visa Interview Questions


If you apply for fiancee K1-visa in order to get your Colombian fiancee to the USA for marriage, it is very common that you and your fiancee will be interviewed.

Which questions and the number of questions that will be asked during the visa interview
will depend on the amount of support and information you and your fiancée provided in validating the relationship.

In general the woman is asked about 7 questions.

Situations that can bring more scrutiny from the interviewer  include the following:
– A large age difference between the couple
– A past arrest record of serious crimes
– Domestic violence or sexual abuse
– Three or more divorces, divorces with foreign women
– Ladies with a history of fiancée or spousal visas
– You never had sex with your fiancee
– A short time span together or in person.

The interviewer wants to find out that you have a legitimate relationship and anything that might indicates otherwise will be reviewed closely.
Women who know nothing about of the man’s personal history, criminal background, or visa history with other ladies, or who do not provide accurate and consistent answers will most likely be denied a visa.

In that case that you will also be interviewed and asked the same questions.
Your responses have to coincide.

Although it´s not a requirement. It is always from advantage if you have photo proof and flight tickets in oder to proof that
you have actually met your fiancee in Colombia in person at least once! 

Your fiancée should not provide information that is not requested.   Below is a list of common questions that may be asked:

When and where did you meet your fiancé in person?

Has your fiancé been married before? If so, how many times and when was he divorced? What was the reason for their divorce? Does this matter to you?

Have you and your fiancé met in person since your initial meeting? If so, state when and where, what you did, and the amount of time spent together.

How often are you in contact with your fiancé by telephone, e-mail, or instant messaging? Please show me a documented history of letters, emails, instant messages, and telephone calls.

Did you have a correspondence with other men along with your fiancé?
When were you engaged and where did the marriage proposal take place?

When do you plan to get married?

Describe your wedding plans. Will you hold a formal wedding?

Why do you want to marry him? Do you love him? What do you love about him?

Does your fiancé have any children? If so, what are their names and ages and have you met them? If so, how do you get along?

Will there be a problem with the children from his other relationship?

Are you planning to have children together?

When was your fiancé born and where? How old is he?

What do you think about the age difference?

What do your parents think about the age difference?

What do your parents think of your fiancé? Do they approve of the impending marriage?

Do you speak English well?

What language do you use to communicate with your fiancé?

Does your fiancé speak and understand your language? Is this communication gap a problem?

What does your fiancé do for a living? Where does he work? How long has he worked there? Does he like his job? How much does he earn?

Where did he work in the past and for how long?

What degrees or formal training does he have?

In terms of education, would you say your educational backgrounds are compatible?

Please state your fiancé’s residence address? Does he own or rent his home? Who does he live with?

What do you know about your fiancé’s home? Do you know what the weather is like there?

Where will you live?

What is his phone number?

Write his full name.

Have you spoken to your fiancé’s parents and do you know how they feel about your upcoming marriage?

Have you met his family?

What are the names of your fiancé’s parents?

Where do his parents live?

Does your fiancé have any brothers or sisters? What are their names?

What color are your fiancé’s eyes?

What color is your fiancé’s hair?

What are your fiancé’s hobbies and interests?

What are your hobbies and interests? Do you have any interests in common?

What is his favorite food?

What type of music does he like?

What type of movies does he like?

What is your fiancé’s religious background? How will you raise the children?

Tell me more about your fiancé.

Explain the type of relationship you have had since your first meeting.

When did you have sex together for the first time? How often do you have sex together?

Have you ever been to the United States? If so, state when, where, for how long, and for what purpose.

Do you have any relatives or friends in the United States? Where do they live?

Have you ever applied for a traveling visa?

Why do you want to live in the United States?

When do you plan to enter the United States?

What do you plan to do once you are in the United States?

Do you plan to work in the United States?

Do you plan to study in the United States?

Did you fill out this form yourself?

Have you and your fiancé ever exchanged gifts?

Did you have a ceremony to celebrate your relationship? Show me some pictures from the event.

Tell me why this relationship is genuine.

I am going to pick some random pictures of yours; describe who is in the pictures and where and when they were taken.

If I refuse this application, what will you do? Will you still stay in your relationship?

I am going to call your fiancé now on the phone and ask him the same questions. Is there any answer you gave me that you wish to change now before I make this call?

Concerns or questions?

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