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You might ask yourself what are the benefits of dating Colombian women?

In this article we will show 6 benefits of dating women from Colombia.

1. Age difference isn`t such a big deal with Colombian Girls.

In Colombian culture an age difference of more or less 15 -25 years is normal. This means that in Colombia beautiful girls in their 20´s are found married to men in their 40`s and it is seen as totally normal.

A recent survey from the female members of our Matchmaking Agency in Colombia has shown that 85% are willing to date men 10 – 25 years older than themselves.

Colombian Girls


2. You don`t have to be very attractive to be attractive to Colombian Girls.

Colombian women are have very low criteria regarding the physical appearance of their partner. This is due to Colombian men that look very below average in general.
The result is that most Colombian women, dont care how their partner looks like. The physical appearance is not a criteria for most Colombian women.
This is something which is difficult to unterstand for many foreign men, because they are used that attractive women only accept a partner in the same “attractiveness league”.

You also have to consider that Colombians are a mix between native indigenous Colombians, white Spanish, and Africans.
Racism basically doesn exist in Colombia.

Due to the indigenous influenced macho culture, women are not expected to choose their partner based on his looks.
Most women are simply seeking a “provider” someone that accepts them, someone to live together and have a family with.

If Colombian women would be picky like western ( American & European women ) and choose their partner based on physical attractivity they would simply stay alone.
The perception of attractiveness is different from country to country. Some western women would not believe, what kind of guys are percieved as attractive in Colombia.
Most Colombia men are disrespectful and notoriously unfaithful.
In fact, violence against women is a still big topic in Colombia.

If you are a foreigner you always have a big advantage of local Colombian men. Because even if you are a little older and average looking, you can be perceived as very attractive to Colombian girls.

That´s why so many Colombian women are yearning for foreign gentlemen.




3. Bring some heat back into your life.

Colombian girls are very optimistic, cheerful, “caliente” and passionate  in all senses.
Many American, Canadian and European girls are often stuck up, shy and emotionally dead.

Colombian Girl

Colombian women


4. Most Colombian women are modest / Low maintainance.

You don´t have to be a millionaire or own a mansion in order that a Colombian girl finds you attractive!
Remember that the majority of Colombian women have to live in their family house with their kids, parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents.
If you have a 9-to-5 income and are living in a 50 m2, 2 room, apartment it will totally OK for most Colombian women.
You dont have to spend 1000´s of Dollars in them in order to keep them entertained.

The minimum wage in Colombia ia about 200 USD and Colombians that earn 1000 USD or more a month are considered as “rich”.
Of course only a small fraction of Colombians earn 1000 USD a month, and in fact most Colombian women have partners that earn between 200 and 500 usd per month ( in Bogota ).
50% of Colombians earn even  less than 200 USD per month, only 40% earn between 200 – 500 USD and only 10% more than 500 USD per month.
You have to know that even in Colombia that is not much money, since prices here are very similar to the U.S. ( only rents somewhat cheaper in Colombia ). Between 200 and 1000 USD ( in Bogota ).

Given to their low income, Colombian men can not provide a normal “western” lifestyle ( Confortable housing in a safe area, quality food, a car, education for the kids and 1-2 vacations a year ect. ) to their partner.

The result is that most Colombian girls are not very demanding, regading what their partner should ” bring on the table ” provide them with.

Colombian women are seeking a simple but secure and stable lifestyle.

Colombian Girls


5. Colombian girls make good mothers and wives!

Thanks to Colombian “macho” tradition most ( but not all ) Colombian Girls are being raised to be perfect housewifes and mothers.

From a very young age girls from Colombia are expected are to be maids for their brothers.
When they grow up doing all the chores, and taking care after her husband and children (family) is their “meaning of life”.
Colombian men are very demanding and expect that their wifes to do all the chores and keep their bodies in shape and cook them 3 hot meals, including 2 soups a day.

Attention: Not all Colombian Girls are like that. As I´ve mentioned in former articles even in Colombia some kind of emancipation took place, but the percentage of girls that won´t have the upper mentioned qualities is very low.

6. Colombian girls are family-oriented.

The majority of our clients want a wife to form a family with, or already have kids and eventually want more kids.
Colombian girls are family oriented.
Almost all girls in Colombia are family-oriented by nature.

Our female members are looking for a foreign gentleman to finally form a family with.

Colombian women

Colombian women



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Without professional support, chances of getting visas rejected are very high in Colombia.

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