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Colombian babes
Do you like Colombian babes ?

Colombian babes are one of the most popular Latinas from South America.
The reasons are obvious: The curves, attitude and fiery temper.

We are an international matchmaking agency focused on beautiful marriage-minded Colombian babes seeking foreign men for marriage.

First of all, let me tell you if you are really interested in marrying a Colombian babe and bringing her into the U.S. be aware that not ALL Colombian babes are suitable for a serious relationship or marriage.

Although Colombia is an endless source of beautiful Colombian babes, there are some black sheeps among them.

With black sheeps I means Colombian girls that are either only intersted in money ( but are not seeking any kind of relationship ) These fall into the category of scammers because they often fake interest in a future relationship.

Thumb rule: Never send money to any Colombian babe ( or any other foreign girl ) before you have at least met her in real life.

The 2nd type of scammers are “marriage scammers”. These type of girls are a minorty, only 5% or so.
They are often very young between ( 18 and 28 years old ) and ready to marry any American man, regardless of his age.
It is not uncommon that older Americans (60+) marry Colombian babes that are in their 20´s.

Colombian babes

However, this is not advisable because these kind of marriages only last 2 years or so, and if you don´t have a water proof prenup, you will end up loosing at LOT of money.

That´s  why expert guidance and support is indespensable when to comes to MARRIAGE with a Colombian babe.

We will be your trusted advisor and accompany you on your journey of finding the right Colombian wife.

Are Colombian babes interested in older American gentlemen ?

The good news is that Colombian women always prefer older men when it comes to a serious relationship.

For most Colombian babes an age difference of 10 – 20 years is acceptable.  At this point I should mention that now ALL Colombian girls accept such a high age difference.

Colombian girls think that older men are more mature and thus more suitable for a relationship.

Colombian babes

Most Colombian guys when they are younger ( younger than 40 or so ) are very immature from a Colombian girls point of view.
When they are younger most Colombian men just don´t want any kind of serious committed relationship.

For that´s why younger Colombian babes accept also older American gentlemen for a serious relationship / marriage.

American gentlemen of course have a huge advantage over local Colombian guys in terms of what they can offer.
I´m reffering to a higher standard of living in a save environment.

However there are many rumors that Colombian babes are only interested in marriage for a greencard.

The official opinion on Colombian wives or wives from any other foreign country is that they are only interested in marriage for a greencard.

This is a very common prejudice because not ALL women from less developed countries are only interested in a greencard.
Of course these kind of women do exist, but they are only a small minority.

The problem is that 99% of  Americans that are seeking a foreign wife do end up with the wrong kind of women, when they are seeking a wife in a foreign country ALONE or through a Romance / Singles Tour.

They just do not know that women like that could even exist.

Colombian babes

In the majority of the cases the age difference is just too big !
There are many older Americans ( between 55 – 75 ) that marry 20 year old Colombian babes in Medellin.

When you are 60 and you marry a 20 y.o. Colombian girl, the girl just can not be seriously interested in a “real relationship” or marriage.

The problem ist that then after 1-2 years of marriage the Colombian babe will dissapear and if you don´t have a waterproof prenup you will end up having invested and lost a lot of money.

That´s why guidance and support of a personal Matchmaking Service is absolutely indespensable when it comes to marriage with a Colombian woman ( or foreign women in general ).

Colombian Babe - Ana Lucia Dominguez
The Singles Tour / Romance tour providers do NOT care if you end up with a Colombian girl that will leave you as soon as she can.
They have lots of these kind of women at their events. These kind of businesses are soley money oriented. They do not have any morals.
Basically they just give their clients what they want.

There are many older American men that are interested in marriage with much ( MUCH YOUNGER ) Latinas or Russian women.

These kind of marriages just can not work out and are condemned to fail.
That´s why marriage with foreign women has such a bad reputation in the U.S.

From one side there are these unreasonable older American men, their unrealistic expectations and from the other side there are the single tours providers taking advantage of them.

Now this doesn´t mean that you can´t get a younger and more attractive wife in Colombia !
Please understand that we are very different from Romance / Single Tour companies. 

The whole idea of having a foreign, or in particular, a Colombian wife is having a younger and more attractive wife that you could have in your own country, right?

In a country like Colombia this is absolutely possible.

As already mentioned here, it all depends on the right support of a professional and honest matchmaking service to immensly increase the odds that you will find the RIGHT Colombian babe.

We have had many clients that were absolutely unmatchable in the LOCAL dating scene and they have found a much younger and much more attractive Colombian babe through our matchmaking service.

The age difference can be 20 years ( or more ) sometimes, but let me assure you that even in Colombia this is not a norm. Not all Colombian girls are willing to accept such a high age difference.

This is the idea that the scam website, affiliate articles ( promoting dating sites ) and single tours providers are trying to sell you.
All Colombian babes, no matter how young and attractive they are, are interested in just ANY Gringo regardless of his age ( or looks).
That is simply not true, but as I´ve said already, a younger and more attractive partner is absolutely possible.

All depends on the right support to get in contact with the right Colombian babes.

So if you are interested in a younger and more attrative ( within healthy boundries ) Colombian wife, feel free to cotact us now.

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Colombian babes

If you are interested in finding a Latin life mate please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Rest assured, all the information you provide on this form is sent directly to us, and is held in strict confidence. None of the information submitted will be used for mailing lists or given to other agencies.

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