Colombian Women: 7 Dating Tipps

Are you going to visit Colombia soon to meet some lovely Colombian Single women ?
Take as a top priority that  ladies from different nations and societies might be not the same as ladies in your nation.
Latin Wome in gerenal are all pretty much the same, so this article doesn´t only apply to Colombian Women.

Here is the thing that you ought to consider when you are going to Colombia the first time in order to “win the heart” of a Colombian lady.



Keeping in mind to be succesful with Colombian ladies, you need to realize what sort of ideas Colombian ladies have about foreign men. Realizing that, you will have a better standpoint and you will know how to act appropiately.

In general foreign men are extremely popular among Colombain Women. Most Colombian Girls are looking for foreign men because they  view them as “the ideal husbands”.

Nethertheless, yo ushould consider following points:

1. Try not to make her think that you are a sex tourist.

Colombian women think that they mayority of foreigners are sex tourists.
It´s a fact, that Colombia has the fame of being one of the sex tourist hot spots in the world.
Many Colombian girls that live in mayor Colombian cities like Cartagena, Bogota and Medellin see foreigners with prostitutes every day.
In order that Colombian women do not perceive you as an other sex tourist. Don´t make her think that you want to have sex with her immediately.
Be a gentlemen and be patient.

2. The first date should not be in your hotel.

As mentioned before you can imaging that Colombian women are affraid of being seen as “cheap prostitutes”.
By setting your first date in your hotel she will think that you don´t have “serious” intentions with her and
most likely she will refuse to come to your hotel and the date ends even before it started !

3. The first date should be in a public location like a cafe, restaurant, or shopping mall.

By setting your first date with her in a public place she will feel much safer, and the chances are higher that she will accept the date.

4. Making her feel  special

To make the best impression  invite her to a nice bar, cafe or restaurant.
It doesnt have to be an upper class restaurant or bar.
But it shouldn´t be a cheap ass cafeteria in a statro 2 in Bogota, where a coffee costs less than 40 cents.
This is where a Colombian would invite her and you as a gringo should differenciate yourself from being percieved as a Colombian.

5. Tell her about what you are looking for

Tell her about yourself and what you are looking for in a woman to find out if she meets your criteria and is a potential candidate for you.

6. If you are seeking a serious relationship consider the age difference

In Colombia you can find younger ladies, if you are looking for a serious relationship a very big age difference is recommendable. Let´s say if you are in the mid-sixties and you are looking for women that not older than 25, chances are high that these ladies are not interested in a serious relationship with you.
Rule of thumb:
The bigger the age difference, the younger the lady, the higher tha chances that she is only interested in money.

7. In which barrio does she live ?

Find out in which neighbourhood she lives. Colombia is a country of contrasts. In the mayor cities like Bogota there are “estratos”. Strato 1 is the lowest social sector and strato 6 is the highest. Our experience has shown that If she is from a lower social sector, the chances are higher that she is she only interested in money.
Of course not all Colombian women from poor neighbourhoods are bad or only interested in money, but the chances are significantly higher because these girls have serious money problems.
A women from a poor neighbourhood can be as good or better as a lady from estrato 6, but in general we find that women from the higher social stratos ( 4-6) are more compatible with Amerian or European men because they usually have a better education and have a similar mind set to American women.
The mayor advantages of doing a guided tour with a professional agency like are:

– Your safety
– Increased chances of actually finding a partner

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