What you should know about Singles Vacations Latin women romance / Bachelor tours

Most Latin women romance tours in general unfortunately have a bad reputation.
While the idea of travelling to a country like Colombia to meet many women is tempting, also due to the fact that Colombia is “not so far away” from the U.S., the reality often looks different.
The main reason, in my opinion, is that often sincere men that are seriously seeking a latin wife are missguided that they have the opportunity to meet potential a woman for marriage at these parties.

The the following article we are going to analyse why most Romance Tours have such low success rates:

Most Romance tours are designed for guys that just want to have fun.

If you have a friend that is going to get married in the U.S. and you want to give him a special Bachelor Party in South America.
Just do a quick google search: “Colombia Bachelor Party”
You will find various offers in Medellin and Cartagena. These parties would be “fit for purpose”.

The truth is that the women that are being invited to this parties are often  just looking for foreigners with money to party, or even prostitutes. Most these romance tour services claim that the women are sincere, looking for marriage  “hand picked” or even personally screened. In most cases that´s simply not true, because screening every woman that attends this events would mean an enourmous effort. They recruit these ladies with publicity in local tv, radio or local classified sites. They only  tell them that the event is free and that there will be foreigners. That´s all. Or they have a special deal with strip or night clubs.

Even the romance tours that seems to help you to find a wife are like that, thats why they almost always offer Strip Club / Night Club




If a romance / bachelor tour includes night / strip club entrance fees and you are seriously looking for a wife, that should be a red flag for you. Chances that you will find a partner on these tours are very low.


Why have most romance / bachelor tours a bad reputation?

Because men seriously interested in finding a wife attending these tours seem to have a low success rate.

Why do they have a low success rate ?

Because the mayority of ladies that attend these events are not interested in finding a foreign husband.
It´s not that the ladies at most romance tour have too high standarts. No, in Colombia its´s quite the opposite.
Women in Colombia usually have low standarts regarding men.
If there only were more ladies that would be interested in marriage, the men that attend these events would have a higher success rate.

What´s different with our Romance tour?

Our Romance Tours are not just meant for fun. Of course you will have a great time attending one of our events,
but if you are seriously seeking a wife you will also have the opportunity to meet various candidates!

We have many years of experience with personal matchmaking tours ( one on one introductions.) has an excellent reputation in Colombia.
Every day new ladies, that often have been recommended by friends join our agency hoping to find a sincere gentlemen to marry and have a family with.

We know many of our female members personally.

The ladies have to pass a series of interviews before being accepted as a member.
Due to our years of experience and we can determine to almost a 100 %  if the intentions of the lady are true or not.

Only ladies that are seriously seeking marriage are accepted.

No prostitutes or Strippers

No strip or night club tours

This is an offer desgined for men with true intentions about finding a latin wife.

Unlike in Cartagena, Barranquilla, Medellin or Cali in Bogota you can expect to meet the most educated and classy Colombian women.

In Bogota, ( Colombias capital with almost 7 million inhabitans ) you can also expect to meet many white caucasian looking Colombian ladies.

If you meet a lady at our events our personal interpreters and datings coaches will help you to break the ice.

Are you interested in meeting dozens of Colombian Single Women seeking marriage over the weekend ?

Have already been on an other romance tour and you would like to try ours ?

Click here to find out more:
  Bogota Romance Tour Information



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