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    I´m a


    Looking for a











    2 children

    Marital status

    Divorced – divorciada/o




    United States

    English level

    native speaker – (nativo)


    tennis, golf, hiking, weight lifting – tenis, golf, senderismo, levantamiento de pesas

    About me:

    First, I am a good person. I love God. I love children. I love animals and I love my country. Personally, I enjoy sports very much, both playing and watching. I run and hike several times a week. I keep my lifestyle healthy. Next year my goal is to become a vegan or a pescatorian (seafood and vegetables only). I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. I have a full time job as a teacher. I love being a teacher. It is so, so gratifying. Philosophically, I am a traditional man and so I enjoy traditional ways of life. I want to keep traditions (the old ways) alive. I mean that I don’t change to new things easily. For example, I like to bring flowers to my love, or candy at random times and to show my affection for her often. I don’t avoid new things, but I am slow to accept new fashions and such. I enjoy cooking on the weekends. I am a good cook. I will make you the best lasagna you ever ate. Also, I enjoy going to live events. I am an outgoing person mostly, but sometimes it is just nice to stay home and relax in front of the TV. People tell me that I have a very good sense of humor. How does that sound to you?

    Soy una persona normal Tengo un trabajo a tiempo completo como profesor. Disfruto de los deportes, tanto jugando como mirando. Me gusta mantener mi estilo de vida saludable. El año que viene mi objetivo es convertirme en vegano. Amo ser maestra. Es muy gratificante. Disfruto de las formas de vida tradicionales. Quiero decir que no me gustan las cosas nuevas la mayor parte del tiempo. A veces sí. Me gusta cocinar los fines de semana. Me gusta ir a eventos en vivo. Soy una persona extrovertida.

    Things I am looking for in a person are:

    Most important to me is to find a warm and caring woman. I must find a partner who will be affectionate and loving towards me openly. I enjoy holding hands and kissing when appropriate (of course). Beyond that, my mate has to enjoy being outdoors doing things like walking or hiking or playing golf or tennis, or even soccer. The sun is my friend. It should be her friend too. She should like to be in and around the water. She should like going to live events, for example sports events and weekend festivals. My future partner should like to go with me to visit local wineries and breweries on weekends. My partner must be fit and strong. She must be intelligent and be able to hold a conversation about current events or about history, etc. I can’t stand smoking. Is that too much to ask?

    Lo más importante para mí es encontrar una persona cálida y afectuosa. Más allá de eso, mi compañero tiene que disfrutar estar al aire libre. Ir a eventos en vivo, por ejemplo, eventos deportivos. Además, me gusta ir a festivales de fin de semana. Además, me gusta visitar bodegas y cervecerías. Estoy buscando a alguien que seguirá siendo cariñoso mucho después de la fecha del matrimonio. Mi pareja debe estar en forma y fuerte. También disfruto la conversación inteligente. Entonces mi pareja debe estar bien educada. Finalmente, odio fumar. No puedo estar con una pould be well-educated. She should not need me, but she should want me. Finally, I hate smoking. I cannot be with a person who smokes.ersona que fuma.

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