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    Hello and how do you? Thank you sooo much for stopping by to view this handsome hard-working man who’s in search of someone to love in all areas and possibly, yet hopefully ask for your hand.

    I was born and raised in Dallas now residing in Las Vegas and I’m a True Pisces. Non-smoker, non-drinker, 14 yr. Vegetarian, never been incarcerated, clean cut, good listener, have a sharp sense of humor(sometimes I can be a bit goofy)honest,kind, generous, affectionate, compassionate, to the up most very indeed respectful, polite, straightforward, considerate, Very fit, active, and energetic. Plus I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve never been married and i have no children but! I Love Children with all honesty. Yes I am a firm and strong believer in Love At First Sight. For some reason, i cant help but to express my feelings, wants, and needs to the woman I feel who’s the one for me. I can be extremely shy sometimes. But once I warm up you, you will know the real me. Just a gentleman which I am.

    Things I am looking for in a person are:

    An amazing woman. Who is seriously looking towards building a Long Term Relationship which will one day lead to a healthy, God selected marriage in all areas… A woman I can cherish, honor her presence ,respect God in her, and also look forward to telling her how much I love her while I wake up to her every morning etc. A woman who is all about believing in the key essence of Communication to where all things should be discussed both mental and physical and is all about minimizing conflict of any sort and/or fashion just by talking in a nice, calm, no yelling, no name calling, manner. A woman who’s seriously willing to accept me as an individual and not by the color of my skin or my ethnicity. One who will always and forever stay true and loyal to a good man like myself regardless of all the hardships we face as a loving couple and who’s not afraid to struggle with me. I want a woman who will show and tell me she loves me, cherish me, and stay devoted to me. A woman who loves her children and would like to have more someday. I love it when a woman truly cares about her appearance and takes very awesome care of herself inside and out. Smells great and is proud to be feminine. A woman who’s not at all afraid of showing and expressing how much she feels for me and about me. An awesome woman I can fall deep in love with and i can take risks of being in her life…I would like to have a strong nurturing wife one day and I am always fantasizing and daydreaming of this beautiful and caring woman who’s wifey material and would be an excellent mother of bearing my children.

    Lastly I wanna say that honor and respect a woman who loves children. Even if the woman has no children but would like to have them in future would be splendid and wonderful. I believe that’s a gift from The Creator for a woman to be the nurturer and a loving mother indeed. So yes, I would like to be in a serious relationship with any woman with or without children. The pure essence of that is the woman who I will love for life is the foundation of building a strong family which I strongly believe in.

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