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Who are A Foreign Affair ( Also known under loveme .com ) ?

If you are interested in a foreign bride, you will probably have come across A Foreign Affair (AFA) / love
Loveme is only one of the landingpages that they use. One of the most recent ones is www. colombianwoman. com/
There are many more which will be regularly listed here.

There was a time when even I thought that A Foreign Affair was a honest company, providing romance tours.
Logically it was very a matter of time until I would review this company since its probably the biggest company in this market.
in the last 7 years as a matchmaker, and especially in the last 6 months, I have talked to many men that have done the romance tours of A Foreign Affair (AFA) /Loveme.
Most of the have done these tours several times ! Of course with no results.

According wikipedia is A Foreign Affair (AFA) is an international dating and marriage agency that promotes romance tours to Latin America, Southeast Asia, China, Russia, and other CIS countries. The company was founded in 1995 and according to its website has since arranged 523 romance tours and 1,245 ‘romance socials’ (as of February 11, 2016). (The company is still active today)


Who are A Foreign Affair / Loveme really ?

One of the most important key factors of my consultations is the “education” of the marriage seeking single men that are totally lost in a sea of scam websites.

I have to be very direct and inform you that A Foreign Affair are scammers.
They are using fraudulent practices in order to allure marriage-seeking men in hope to find a life mate to buy their services.

We are going into detail on how the “A Foreign Affair” scam actually works later in this article.

First of all you have to know that most men that are seeking foreign women are not ready to fly into a foreign country in order to meet women there immediately !

You may ask yourself why, because the Romance Tours apparently are a very inviting opportunity to “meet” several potential candidates.

The answer is because around 70 %  or more of their clients doubt that there wont be ANY interested women in them at all !

Their average target audience are 50+ and average looking, seeking much younger and attractive women of course.

What they want is some kind of confirmation that there WILL BE attractive foreign women waiting to get to know them.

So how does A Foreign Affair / loveme manage this issue ?

1. FREE registration

Anyone can register for free ! That is actually something that contradicts with the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA). Anyone can register and communicate with the women, no matter if he is a criminal or not.

Btw the way is not an american company under IMBRA law, but we do not promote free registrations !

All members have to undergo a backround check before being able to create a profile at out website. This is how to should be.

This is simply a legislative gap that A Foreign Affair is taking advantage of.

Loveme states at their website:


All registered users must complete the Federally required IMBRA form in order to meet and or exchange personal contact information….

So you only have to complete the IMBRA form when you want to meet and or exchange personal contact information !

FREE registration is a huge advantage for A Foreign Affair to get as many potential clients into their sales funnel.

In other words, if you dont want to meet up with any of their female members or exchange personal contact information A Foreign Affair functions as a dating site and NOT as a Marriage Broker Business.

That is the legislative gap I´m talking about here.

Now the most important information upfront.

– The profiles are fake
– You are not talking to the hot models that you see.
– They are not sending you the messages.

If that is not a scam, then what is?


Continue reading to find out how it works.

loveme profile without a photo

I´ve created a profile at lovme dot com without a photo.
About 60% of their clients (or more) create profiles without even a photo

That is understandable because most users what to maintain their anonymity and most of their target audience have a low self esteem. They know how old they are and how they look like.

I´m not saying that older gentleman with average looks can not find an attractive foreign lady, but it takes real matchmaking and time and effort from a real matchmaking company in order to achieve that.
Also the clients expectations have to be realistic, in order to be able to work together. 

The reality is that most users want to talk to attractive women anonymously.

That is what A Foreign Affair / Loveme and other scam websites are brutally taking advantage of !

In only a couple of days I have received 47 messages by top models with big t*ts !

The majority of the messages came in the first 3 days and  my email inbox is bombarded since then !

Almost everday I receive new messages from russian top models !

Remember that I didnt even upload a photo !

When I saw this I instantly knew that is was a scam.
Anyone with 2 braincells should be able to recognize that.

Just take a 2nd look at the messages these women ( or rather the chatbots of the website ) have sent me

I´ve received messages like: ( see the upper screenshot )

“Dear Antonio, can I be your ideal woman”

“Antonio I need you in my LIFE”

“Antonio, dont waste time come and meet me”


Come on ! Every message had my fake name Antonio in it! Every message !


When was the last time when a random woman came up to you and said “{ Enter your name } I need you in my LIFE” ?

This is an original message I´ve received from large-breast-Mariyanna from Poland

Yes ! What´s going on with with this world, I´m wondering too…

How can someone even believe that this message is real ?

How can the owners of “A foreign affair” dare to brain f*ck their clients in this manner ?

Mariyannas profile at loveme .com / aforeignaffair. com 

Now as you see the models with the big boobs are not only sending me messages nonstop to they are also sending me private photos. 

Photos that are not included in their profile. Photos they are sending only to me !

Every message includes 2 photos. 

So if you only want to see the generic fake message you pay only $5,95

but if you also want to see the 2 photos you pay $12.95 !

Its only $12,95 ! What can I loose? Right ?

frustrated bullshit GIF
Smells like BS 

Love me / A foreign affair Payment options

Now, lets suppose that we want to pay $12,95 for that fake message that includes 2 photos of that models with the big boobs.

A foreign affair suggest that we should pay $100 instead because its (better value) but the (best value) is $250 which includes a $50 credit towards a tour.
The tours start at $2300 and we will get to that later in that article.

So you can bet how many customers are allured in spending around 10-20 times more than they were ready to spend originally !

bullshit GIF

A Foreign Affair Homepage

( Only glossy top model photos )


Convincing enough?

A Foreign Affair Single tours

The main business of a foreign affair are their singles tours.
Let´s take a closer look now at their world famous tours and what you can really expect from them.

A foreign affair / loveme offers Singles Tours in Ukraine, Latin America, Asia and Russia !

The most popular destinations are still Ukraine and Russia or course.

Ukraine and Russian Brides are still the number one of the planet.

The reason for that is very simple:
They are probably the most attractive foreign brides of the world.

When you click at the ” new profiles ” section of the a foreign affair homepage you will see that only ukraine and russian women will show up.

Marina from Ukraine

Many men still take a 12 hours flight to the Ukraine warzone in order to meet these women.

The 2nd most popular Foreign Brides are Latin women.

If you have read other articles of our blog you will know that we often talk about the downsides of these Singles Tours.

The thing is that men that book these Single Tours / Romance Tours at A foreign Affair / Love me are led to believe that they have high chances of findind a life partner there.

-> At the social event there are over 70 women present ( The more women the better )
-> The more women will be present te higher chances that Average Joe will find a life partner.

That´s a fallacy.

Here is what you you need to know !

1. Singles Tours have been solely designed to generate money. NOT to help single men finding a suitable life mate.

2. The more women the better does NOT increase your chances of finding suitable life mate.


Most women that attend these Singles Tours of A Foreign Affair ( an others ) are random women, gold diggers and unserious women.

Women in which you wouldnt be interested away. (Unattractive low class women with several kids )

Women that are looking for foreign millionaires. ( gold diggers )

Women not even interested in a relationship with a foreign man.

Attractive women ( models ) that are being payed just to be there and small talk with the men that attend the event.

( They are not interested in marriage with an older foreign man. )

This is part of the scam !

3. At Singles Tours of A foreign Affair you will always have many competition from other men.
Besides yourself there will be at least 10 other guys if not more competing over the couple attractive females that will be present at the event.
Imagine yourself talking to an attractive woman at one of these social events and right after talking to her the next guy shows up and talks to her.

This is a very common scenario the all Singles Tours. ( Not just at A foreign Affair / lovemedotcom )

eyebrows flirting GIF

A Foreign Affair is not the only Singles Tours provider, there are hundreds or other providers that offer just the same thing.

The success rate for their clients is extremely low ( given to the upper facts )

So why do most men STILL go on these A Foreign Affair Singles Tours?

During my career as a personal matchmaker I have talked to 100s of men that have done these singles tours several times, not always at A Foreign Affair / lovemedotcom but also at other providers like dreamconnections ect.

I can assure you that all these men were seriously seeking a life mate.
When I asked them when they decided to make these tours.

Some responded:

” Well there are some sexy ladies, of course I have to be there “

Others responded:

“If they would have know about´s Personal Matchmaking Service they would have done it instead of the Singles Tour”

Until some years ago there wasn´t such a thing like a Personal Matchmaking Service in Colombia.
A Foreign Affair started in 1995 and from the beginning of the internet until 2013 there were only Singles Tours / Romance Tours and Dating Sites.

In my opinion here Romance Tours are something very outdated.

I created this Personal Matchmaking System in order to actually help my male and female clients finding a suitable partner, to generate the highest possible success-rate for my clients that was my idea from the beginning.

I´ve created a Matchmaking system that would make sense for myself in first place, to save my “past-self” a lof of time and effort.

Personally I wouldn´t feel comfortable at a Singles Tour competing over a 1-2 attractive gold diggers with 10-15 other men and I know there are other people just like me.

However there are men that do what ever what is takes in order to increase their chances of finding a life partner.
Some would even be ready to take a 12 hour flight into war zones like Afganistan or Ukraine if there would be women “waiting” for them.

I want you to understand that the only fact that there will be 70 women present does not increase your chances of finding a life mate !

A Foreign Affair / lovemedotcom ( and others ) are selling a false image of foreign women.
They want to make men believe that sexy foreign models ( with big boobs ) are interested in just ANY foreign guy. No matter his income, his age, or physical appearance.

That is just not true.

However in continents like Latin America you CAN find younger and attractive women, with the right support and guidance.

Even though A Foreign Affairs claims it, support and guidance is something you wont find at these Singles Tours.

You just pay to assist an event. Thats all. They don´t care about whether the guys that attend these events will eventually find a match or not or with WHAT kind of women they end up ( gold diggers ).

It is generally known that these Singles Tours featuring foreign women have a bad reputation. If you have read the article until now. You will know why.

So how does A foreign Affair / loveme promote their Singles Tours and what are the costs ?

– The Medellin tour costs $2295 and it includes

Two fully catered, specific invitation, large Socials

Thats right, you are actually paying for attending 2 social events.

Hotel accommodations in Medellin Colombia
The very fact that it includes 6 night accomodation in a hotel makes most Americans think thay its a good deal.
The average hotel price is the U.S. is about $140 per night.
Now many think $140 * 6 = $840

Hold on! In WHICH hotel will I be staying?

There is a reason why the hide in which hotel you will be accomdated.

By the way, in Medellin your can get a decent hotel for only $30 per night. 

Unlimited Personal Introductions.
That is BS you will be just one of 10-20 guys standing around there with random women. No one will introduce to you any of these women.

Complimentary interpreters provided at all Socials
Airport Pickup
Breakfast daily
One hotel area and city orientation tour
24 hour hospitality and guidance from our AFA staff
Guidance ?
In-house complimentary interpreting services located in the AFA office

……Then, we do it again the next night with all new ladies. All ladies are members of our service and are interviewed prior to attending.
That is a lie.
Besides our social events, we also do unlimited personal introductions ( see above ) during your entire stay.

Many of our clients will date two or three women a day and some will even date five a day. Our staff is well experienced and will make your stay the best it can be.
This is why we have over 80% success rate on our Latin tours.
An 80% success rate? This is pure BS.

will smith bullshit GIF

At this point we HAVE to get into what A Foreign Affair´s / love me´s clients have to say

At A Foreign Affair has a 1 out of 5 stars rating ! ( as for july 2019 )

Link: a foreign affair afa

Beware of this company, I found out that they have been charging my credit card, double, so im out of pocket by over USD4000 which this Liz Martin, from Arizona office states they have paid me back. I do not see that in my bank account. Now when I email them, my email comes back saying that my email to them is undelivered.

was a members for 3 months

was a members for 3 months, and finally decided to write some ladies. cost $135.00 just to open and send 4 letters. what a rip off, and the ladies refuse to go to whats app or other dating sites that are cheaper. total waste off time and money

A total scam

A total scam. The messages are fake and they just suck your money out of you!

They hire letter writers that send and…

They hire letter writers that send and receive your letters never are you talking to the actual girl in question. I know this for a fact as I was in the Cebu branch for a tour and asked why so many women were on computers there when I went into the office the girls there confided in me that they write letters to unsuspecting men and are paid to do so trying to get you to spend your money it’s thier job.

This is something we didnt mention in this article.
At the beginning you will get automatically generated messages ( chat bot texts ) to get you hooked, but THEN a guy in a call centre from Moldovia will be chatting with you while you think the sexy model chats with you.

Don’t do it AFA is a scam!

Don’t do it I signed on and started communication with a nice older lady. This went on for a while, then I asked for some recent pictures. The pictures I got were not the same of the profile photo. I was serious of having a strong relationship so I decided to travel to her home city. The person I met there was nothing close to the profile person on AFA site. This site is a total scam they want your money and you can go pound sand for all they care.

The scam goes even beyond my imagination. So if you want to meet the girl you are talking to “A Foreign Affair” will introduce you to some random woman!!

Thinking about it: Of course they can´t introduce you to the model of the profile you are talking to because its a FAKE profile !

bullshit GIF

There are many REAL reviews out there that will confirm what I´m talking about. I can not list them all here, but there is a special case which I would like to share with you:

Floriane (111194)

My name is Mark and I’m from Ofallon, MO. USA.

You think or A Foreign Affair is not a scam? Read this.

I thought you might like to know a about that site and how they set me up with a 16 year old child.

I’ve been using AFA for many years and have spent thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. I started chatting with a girl last year, 2010, and she said her name was Floriane, a 20 years old girl from the Philippines. After months and months of online chatting through AFA I decided to fly to the Philippines and visit her. On my third trip and almost $10, 000 later I became good friends with her family. It was on the last trip I found out the truth.

After a family member confessed while profusely crying, she told me Floriane was never the one corresponding with me from AFA it was the agency’s staff (AFA) that was writing all the letters to me. Floriane never even knew I existed until a short time before I decided to go there. AND to make things worse Floriane was only 16 year old, now only 17 and I’m in my 40’s, she was suppose to be 20. I flew half way around the world to a third world county unaware I was meeting a child, I could have been thrown in prison over there, one attorney I’ve spoken with suggested that may be considered child trafficking.

While I was in the office of in Cebu City, Philippines, I was told by the AFA staff that Floriane was a very popular girl, meaning at $9.99 for every email a guy sends AND $9.99 for every email received, their making a lot of money from scamming people like me. Of course I have proof of all this.

Now I’m going public with my story. I’m going to write each and every one of the news agencies (over 100 they claim) and every other well known TV agency not listed on AFA and tell them my story and I’m going to keep sending this letter out until someone does a story on the real truths behind the over seas dating scam sites like loveme.

I did talk to the owner John Adams personally and of course he said he is very concerned about this and didn’t know she was 16, AND sometimes the agency DOES send letters on the girls behalf but the girl knows about that, which is all ###. First of all, it’s costing me $9.99 to speak to their staff? No one told me I was speaking to the staff…

Well I knew within the first half hour of meeting Floriane that something was wrong because she didn’t even know anything about me. The things we have been talking about for the last 6 months she couldn’t remember, why? Because she didn’t know me. She told me personally she never knew me or wrote one litter to me the staff was doing it all so the company could make $9.99 a pop off me.

But John Adams was so nice to me on the phone, he even offered to give me all my money back that I spent talking to Floriane Which was about $700 in letters but he didn’t feel he should pay back the airfare and hotel expenses I paid going back and forth on 3 occasions because of his scam site. Now why would he pay back the $700? Was he trying to be nice? HELL NO he knows all I have to do is call my credit card company and dispute the charges and he will be forced to give back the money and that don’t look good for his site. AND you know what? it looks like that’s what I’m going to have to do because to this day they have not sent one red cent to me.

So all you people on this blog that says AFA/loveme is not a scam your either working for the site or you got lucky and met a legitimate girl. My advise, NEVER SEND MONEY TO A GIRL OR A SITE UNLESS YOU CAN PHYSICALLY SEE HER ON A CAM AND EXCHANGE PERSONAL INFO. And if you have to pay to see your girl on cam you know your being scammed.

John Adams, you know your site scammed me and is scamming people, you lied to me about sending my $700 back. You keep it, I’ll get it back through the credit card companies BUT I’m going to be a thorn in your ### for a long time just for the fact you lied to me.

Also, I never want anyone else to feel the pain I felt because of this this scam site. So I’m going to flood the internet with the truth.

Just for the record, I was also scammed about 5 years ago by a girl from this site. It turned out she was scamming people and I was just about to fly over to Ukraine to meet her when I found out. I already paid my $4000+ to AFA for the social I was going to attend, they did refund about $1200 of the $4000, their so fair!

The fact is, about 95% of the guys talking to these girls never go to meet them, they just keep paying the $9.99 a letter on a hope one day they will go there. The other 5% that do go, 3% get fooled and never know they where scammed and leave there thinking it just didn’t workout with the girl and the other 2% really do find love. It’s a very expensive and time consuming gamble.

A big red flag is, you can NEVER exchange personal info and you cant physically talk on live video. They do everything they can to keep you from physical contact to keep you on the hook. Use your common sense people. This is the most expensive site out there and your being scammed, still don’t believe me? Keep paying like I did, you’ll find out just like I did or you’ll just run out of money.

While I was heart broken staying in my hotel room, the guy that went with me was dating 2 girls a day using Cherry Blossoms, he never used AFA. I did finally find a very sweet girl from the Philippines and on Cherry Blossoms and now we are getting married, were just waiting for her visa to be approved AND I think it cost me about $60 total to meet her. Use a site where you can video chat and talk and exchange personal info.

Here is the girls name and AFA number. Floriane (111194)

I’m told she is a very popular girl, I hope your not one of the guys that was scammed. But I’m sure if you were, your refund is in the mail.



– By now you will have realized that AforeignAffair / loveme .com is scam company that is solely profit oriented WITHOUT any values or morals.
– The profiles are fake, either you chat with some chatbot or a staff member.
– The Singles Tours are designed to generate as much profit as possible with as little effort as possible. 
– If you are seeking a life partner your chances are extremely low finding a suitable partner at one of A foreign Affairs Singles Tours.

If you prefer a more personal  matchmaking service, providing you the highest possible chances of finding your life mate

  Contact Us Now !

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  1. David

    10/17/2019 at 01:16

    Yes, I’m one the many past clients of this AFA agency. After 4 times using them, twice to the Philippines, once to Lima, and once to Medellin, I’m still alone, and several thousands of dollars lighter. Thinking back to my experiences with AFA, everything that this article is saying is true. If you haven’t used AFA yet; heed this article’s warnings guys !

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