Latineuro review

An other popular Latin Dating Site seems to be LatinEuro dot com

What does Latineuro dom com offer ?

Latineuro sells contact information ( Phone numbers and Emails ) of sexy latina girls.

First of all, you have to know that this “contact information selling” thing is very outdated.
This is a scam system that was very popular among russian scammers in the early 2000´s.

In fact Latineuro started in 1996.

I´m suprised that this kind of system still exists.

The new ultimate scam system today is the “pay per letter / credit system”.

You pay for each letter / message sent and sometimes you even pay to receive messages.


What you have to know about the “pay per letter / credit system”:

The sexy models that you seen on these kind of websites are  not receiving the letters. Nor they are responding to the letters.

You think you are talking to a sexy foreign girl, but in fact you are talking to young russian man, sitting in a call center in Russia.

In some cases you aren´t even talking to a human being, you are talking to chat bots.
This is a biggest scam there is.

Websites that use the “pay per letter system” are amolatina, charmdate, latamdate, asiadate ect.
Unfortunately, these are the most successful “foreign women dating sites” today.

I think the russian scammers moved to the “pay per letter system” because it generates them much more money.

Let me explain, the “contact information selling thing” is something someone purchases ONCE and then never again.

Imagine purchasing a package with 50 phone numbers and emails of latin women and you get no responses at all. Would you purchase an other package ?

No ! Right !?

Because you already know that you have been scammed.
At sites like Latineuro, the average user spends about  $50 -$99 but not more.

Now the “pay per letter / pay per credit system” seems to be more profitable because the users seems to spend more money.

Websites like Amolatina use a “pay per credit system”, which is even more deceptive.

Even with the most economic plan you still spend about $4 to send a message and another $4 to open each message.
With this system the users easily spend hundreds of dollars before they eventually realize that they have been scammed.

The thing is that theses kind of websites know their target audience.

They know that men seeking foreign women are very distrustful and most men are not ready to spend a large amount of money on foreign women dating sites.

That´s why they allure their clients with small fees.

Small fees are perceived as low risk, and they take advantage of that.

It´s just 9 Dollars for sending one message !
Now websites like Amolatina or Anastasiadate dont let you spend only 9 dollars for sending 1 message,
you have you purchase packages that include credits.

For example, it costs 10 credits to send a message to a woman and 20 credits costs $15.99.

Every customer review I encountered claimed that the site was a complete sham. In the PayPal Community Help Forum, one customer said he was scammed out of $3500, citing proof from a person who worked as a translator for confirming that the site runs on a fraudulent basis.

Another on said that even when he mailed a letter to the woman he had been messaging, he was mailed back a letter from the site encouraging him to contact her through the paid service. This could very well be a protective measure to insure the women’s safety and keep interactions within the site. Profit is most likely the major factor here.

Click here for my amolatina review ( Link opens in a new window)

Now let´s get back to Latineuro.

Well anyway 25 bucks for 10 phone numbers of sexy latin girls still seems like a great deal, right ?

Anyone can afford that !

I´m not saying that latineuro doesn´t have real members. There surely are 1000s of real latinas that have registered at latineuro since the early 2000s.

You also have to know that most of these profiles have never been deleted from their website.

Latineuros most attractive Latinas ( The ones with the big breasts and big butts ) will always appear on the first pages. No matter when they have joined the website.

It is possible that the profiles that you see in the first pages are 20 years old.

The curvy 25 year old  latina that created a profile at latineuro in 2001 is now 43 years old.
She might be a fat single mom with 3 kids by now. Who knows?

While selling contact information of latin women for just $25 makes sense for the owners of latineuro.

It doesnt make too much sense for the latinas that are seriously looking for a husband at latineuro.

As mentioned before, anyone can afford $25.
The result is that many of latinas hoping to find a husband, are constantly molested by lowlifes or perverts that only ask these women for naked pictures.

I assume that any “attractive” latina with a little self respect, will cancel their membership at latineuro as soon they realize that they are constantly receiving calls by perverts and lowlife scumbags.

On the other hand there are men that keep talking to these women for ages, but in fact could never afford a latin wife.
Even inviting woman from Latin America requires a stable income, because in 99% of the cases you will have to sponsor the visa.

Marrying a latina and bringing her to the U.S. requires an investment of at least $5000 ( including travel and visa costs )
It is simply something not anyone can afford.

That´s one of the reasons why our female members appreciate our matchmaking service, because the majority of Colombian women that are actually seeking a foreign husband, have been talking to these type of guys on latinamericancupid ( Monthly memberships start at just $30 ).

The Colombian Single Women that join our agency appreaciate our service, because we are known of providing them with quality men that can afford a latin wife and have with serious intentions about finding one.

The downside for MEN that are seeking a WIFE at latineuro, will also have a difficult time finding a quality latin woman ( or any women at all )

As we always stress in our articles, you can not just engage or marry any woman from Latin America.
There are just too many women that are either golddiggers, or women from the lowest social backgrounds.
Most of these women don´t have any culture, education or even manners and are just not compatible for cultured American men.

In fact at sites like Latineuro chances are extremely high, that you will end up with a Latina golddigger.

However there also are decent latin women. Latin women are would make great wives.

When you consider a serious relationship with a latin women, guidance and support is indespensable.

The thing is that most men that are looking for latin women at sites like latinamericancupid don´t get any contact information after spending 30-50 dollars for a 1 month membership.

Latineuro makes these men believe that $25 for 10 phone numbers and emails is a better deal, because they will have the contact information of 10 sexy latinas guaranteed !
The pay per contact system supposedly provides its users higher chances of getting in contact with attractive latinas.

That´s exactly what their target audience wants, getting in contact with sexy latinas for as cheap as possible.


The thing that bugs me about sites like LatinEuro, is that they make guys believe that all Latin or  foreign women in general are interest in ANY American or European man.

This is simply not true.

Ok, its true that latin, russian and asian women have lower standards, but they have standards.

From my 7 years experience in working as a matchmaker for Colombian Single Women in Bogota, I can tell you that these women would not appreciate if I would sell their phone numbers to random men.
They don´t want to be contacted by just anyone.

Here at MCW we never sell private contact information of our female members.

Our clients have the opportunity to create favourites lists and we will inquire which women from the lists would be interested in getting to know the client.
The interested women contact the client directly through whatsapp.

Our clients also have the option of getting to know the interested ladies directly, without prior correspondence, in Colombia.

An other thing about Latineuro that I find funny is the fact that they use a “shopping cart system” which makes you believe that you are actually buying these women.

I aleady have 2 latinas in my shopping cart and I can add 8 more !! For only 25 bucks !! wow !

One thing I really have to admit. LatinEuro really isn´t expensive.
For $25 you can purchase up to 10 phone numbers and emails from sexy Latin women.

Anyone can afford that !

In order to rip off a little more money from their users they have their membership ON DEMAND.

Latineuro ON DEMAND Membership
You get 45 contacts within 30 days
you get 200 contacts within 60 days
Choose whoever you want. Whenever you want!
Choose 1 contact or choose several at a time.
You must choose all your contacts within the 30 or 60 day
time period or they will be forfeited.
When you choose a contact, you will see their personal email and phone in your Orders page. Email and call them directly.

Remember that you get 10 contacts for $25, so 1 contact would cost $2,5.

With their ON DEMAND Membership Latineuro simply tries to get more money out of their users.

So someone who was ready to spend just $25, easily would spend $50 or $99 to get more contacts.

The more contacts, the higher the chances of getting responses, right?

Now you have to know that the majority of Latin women do not speak English at all, thats why you need a translation service.

Good thing that that LatinEuro provides you with a translator at very econmic rates, starting from just $15 for 10 minutes.

Do a 3-way call and have Mara translate with you live !

Mara must be very busy being Latineuro´s ONLY translator.

So when you check out with a 200 contacts package, you better add 60 minutes of translation service.
You will need it! Or not?

If you don´t believe me listen to what do Customers say about about LatinEuro

A real latineuro review:

latineuro com

Latineuro is knowing selling information which does not exist. So many of the hot women have wrong contact information. Latineuro is not making a mistake by listing wrong information. Latineuro is purposely for profit deceiving the public.

10 years ago I used Latineuro and met 4 different women on a trip around the country of Brazil, at that time mailing a letter was most all you could do. In the past 2 years I have used Latineuro with massive failure rates. About a year ago I purchased a good group of contacts and they were fresh but the main women never responded back. I had some emails just plain return which was odd. I asked for and received 12 replacement contacts which were 80% wrong. I blew this off. I am planning a trip to Central America and ordered some contact information in October and had a large number of email returned and a few had multiple email addresses. Now the chances of this happening are or should be zero. I informed Latineuro the addresses were wrong and they continue to sell wrong information to the public which is fraud. I requested replacements and never had a response back from Latineuro.

Save your money.


What’s up with LatinEuro com?

September 28th, 2013, 11:06 pm

I just sent them $49.00 for contact information for 24 women, and they said that I have to call them or email them with my order ID to get the info. But nobody’s answering the phone or email! And the voicemail just says to call back “later”, they don’t even tell you their business hours. Very unprofessional. Anyone else have experience working with these guys?


So why does Latineuro have a 3,5 star rating at site ?

The 3,5 stars rating at sitejabber doesn´t mean anything.

Even Amolatina has a 4 out of 5 star rating at sitejabber and amolatina is the #1 latin scam dating site on the planet.

There are many lousy scam dating sites that have a 5 star rating at sitejabber.

They know that most potentials users make an “online research” before they buy something.

Sitejabber seems to be one of most important and most trusted consumer review sites.

There is something like “online reputation” these scam dating sites obviously have thousands for angry customers, but if they would have a 1 star rating on sitejabber with would be catastrophical for their “online reputation” impacting their sales.

So these companies use different IP´s to publish 5 start reviews of their own sites.

If you are seriously seeking a latin wife, don´t waste time at sites like latineuro.

Your best bet is to hire a professional matchmaking agency.

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