After we have determined the interested ladies you can choose to contact them or meet them directly in Colombia.
Contacting the ladies is optional.

The majority of our clients and ladies prefer to meet directly in Colombia, without exchaging messages first.
Most Colombian ladies also work and have limited time to correspond.
From our long year experience, we know that there is only a small percentage of our female members that are willing to correspond on a daily basis for weeks and months,
prior to a first meeting in Colombia.

Our female members are used to meet potentials candidates directly in Colombia without corresponding for a longer period of time, prior to the first personal encounter in real life in Colombia.
This is what these ladies  expect when they join our site.

The advantage that our agency offers our female members is that they can meet potential candidates with serious marriage minded intentions in their city.

All Colombian Women that are seeking a foreign husband encounter the same problem over and over again at dating sites like latinamericancupid.
Foreign men that are not serious about finding a Colombian wife. Men that are interested in sex tourism and only nude pictures or men that would like to have a Colombian wife, but do not have the means.

At these kind of sites they meet men that just want to chat for months and then never make the first step to even meet the woman in Colombia.

They also meet candidates that could not even afford flying to Colombia, not to mention marrying a foreign woman.

The point is that these kind of dating sites are not only a waste for the male members but also for most female members, that are seriously interested in marriage.

We know that most men want to first talk to a potential candidate for a long period of time because they want to make sure that the woman they are talking to is geniously interested in them.

That is not necessary here. Here at MCW we will take care of that for you.
When you become a member here, we will show your potential candidates your photos and all your information.

If we will tell you that she is interested in meeting you, then you can trust us that is actually true.

If a foreign woman only responds very sporandically, most men think the woman is not really interested. What they do not consider so that even in Colombia most women have fulltime jobs and study
at the same time and have also very limited free time.

In Colombia this kind of behaviour is normal and it does not mean that she isn´t interest in meeting you.


An other important thing to mention is that the only thing that counts is the face to face meeting in rea life together with your personal dating coach / matchmaker.
Most guys want to see if they have some kind of “chemistry” online, before the meeting.
This is BS. You can have a bad vibe ONLINE, but in real life it will be totally different.
You might share similar interested and stuff, but you can not determine if you have a “chemistry” online.
Bascially what I´m trying to say is: Do not commit the mistake is creating a relationship with a girl ONLINE before even meeting her.

Even if you have video chat sessions now and then: People look different on cam compared on how they look in real life.

They key factor here at MCW is the dating coach who will be present with you during the dates.
The dating coach will not only translate for you but also help you to break the ice.

The best thing to do is flying down there and meet the potential ladies without matchmaking service right away.

So you can immediately determine, with which ladies there is a mutual connection and which ladies you would like to get to know better.

This method combined with our matchmaking service is extremely efficient.

What many men that are looking for a partner online do not understand is that the exhanging letters or messages  ONLINE is ONE thing.

Meeting a lady in real life is a whole different story.

You can have an excellent connection with a woman online and then when you meet her there can be no connection at all.
Online doesn´t mean anything, the only thing that can be determined online is if there is a physical attraction, but then people can appear different in real life.

Sometimes more, something less attractive.

The essence and the huge advantage of our service is that you can meet not just one lady, but basically unlimited ladies of your interest  that have agreed to meet you.


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