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8 Steps that make our Personal Matchmaking service unique:

1. We DO NOT offer Singles Tours / Romance Tours ( group tours ). We offer a Personal Matchmaking desgined for one man featuring exclusively One on One introductions with one of our Matchmakers.
2. We are on a mission to help as many local  and prescreened Collombian women find love and start a fulfilling family life.
3. No random matches, only women that have seen your photos and personal info and that actually want to meet you.

4. We only accept and appreciate family-oriented Colombian women who have serious intentions and who are seeking a life parnter. Based on our experience of over 9 years we know exactly which colombian women are absolutely not suitable for a relationship or as a potential life partner.

5. Our support and guidance.

Working with Colombian women and with single men from the first world countries for over 9 years have given us the understanding, experience and knowledge to provide you consciously with realistic chances of mediation and with the highest possible success rate in finding you a suitable life partner in Colombia on the market.

6. Communication.
We are always in touch with the ladies from our Matchmaking Agency and with our clients to ensure a smooth process.
In many cases men and women seek us for advice before and after the meetings. We can inform you and explain you all the available options in case a lady falls in love with you during your Colombia trip.

7. Responsibility.
We feel responsible to create healthy, and longlasting marriages. The results are happy couples and families.

8. Safety.
In the internet and on youtube you can find a lot of false information regarding the safety in Colombia. Out of this reason many single men from the first world countries are having bad expereinces because they believe and trust the information they can find in the internet or on youtube.

We know Bogota very well. Meaning that we will take care of your safety throughout your colombia trip and take you only to safe places.

Once become a client you will receive a pdf document called safety measurements. In this document we point out the most important tips to consider during your stay in Colombia. These safety measurements are based on our personal experience and have nothing to do with the common safety measurements you can find in the internet which is worthless.

This is what makes our Matchmaking Service unique in the world.

The results of these values combined reflect on the way we work with you towards finding your ideal wife in Colombia.

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Our Job Is Helping The Right 2 People Find Each Other

Leave everything to us!

No more having to randomly approach and meet girls, over weeks, months, or years at a time, and hoping that one of them likes you enough to give you her number, date you more than once or twice, and try to have a relationship with you.

No more profile browsing, reading between the lines and discouraging surprises.

No more waiting for women to show interest, show up, communicate or to put effort into the relationship.

No more random women that are not even interested in you

Instead of meeting 40 or more girls over the course of 3 days with conventional Colombian Women Tours, with our Personal Matchmaking Tour you will only meet women of your criteria that like you, are interested in getting to know you and that look forward to getting the chance to start a relationship with you.

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Colombian Women Tours

Colombian Women Tours

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With us you will only meet women of your criteria, that also have expressed interest in you!

We will have confirmed interest on both sides from you seeing photos and reviewing each girl’s profile, and the girl having seen your photos and profile and expressing mutual interest.

Sometimes, however, if time does not allow for profile sharing/confirmation, we will make a judgment call based on our understanding of your criteria and the girl’s criteria, and you may meet non-confirmed girls whom we believe there is a good chance that you two will have compatibility.

The experience will most likely seem magical, mind-blowing, and at times overwhelming… but in a good way. 
Leveraging our matchmaking and exclusive search skills and experience, you will most likely be able to meet more beautiful women in 3-7 days… that have a genuine interest in meeting you… than you would not be able to meet, on your own, in years!

We will coordinate and confirm all of your appointments, just as if we were your own personal concierge and executive assistant. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your next potential princess to arrive.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re ready to begin your magical, romantic adventure, then getting started is super easy.

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Our service offers a unique opportunity for you to travel to Colombia and meet fabulous Colombian Ladies of your criteria with no need to make an online appointment beforehand.

Since we offer personal matchmaking we do not have fixed dates for our service.

Important: (Our lead time is 14 days. Please don´t contact us directly from Colombia. Due to the nature of your system we can not provide you introductions from one day to the next.)

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Meet 4 – 12 marriage-oriented Colombian Single Ladies of your criteria that have expressed interest in getting to know you in Bogota, Colombia.
(  We only schedule introductions with ladies
that have seen your personal information and photos and that are interested in getting to know you. )

 Hotel booking assistance. We will help you to book the best possible hotel in the safest area of Bogota.

A professional interpreter
To ensure a smooth conversation without any missunderstandings our tour includes a personal interpreter available for the dates with the women that do not speak English. *

Dating Coach.
To ensure that you will get the best out of your meetings. Our dating coach will give you useful advices and prepare you for each meeting.
After the meetings we will talk with you and each lady that you will meet, to inquire if there is a mututal interest.

 Guided City Tour. Discover the best tourist spots of Bogota  together with our tour guide. *

 To ensure your safety we provide you with a  Personal assistant during your stay in Colombia.
Safety is a very important factor in Colombia. Our Matchmaking Service allows you to meet potential high quality Colombian ladies in a safe environment.

 Personal One to One Introductions.

Highest success rate with almost 100%

 This is no single party or group tour event. Only personal one to one introductions. You alone will be getting all attention.

Live Support via phone, Skype and E-mail.

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Buddy Discount

You don´t want to travel alone?
Do you want to bring your buddy or several buddies with you ? Each buddy will get a 20 % discount on our tour fees.

What does the personal matchmaking service price not include?

– Your airplane ticket from your destination to Bogota  and back.

(Click here to find the cheapest flight tickets to Bogota!)
Flights from the U.S.A to Colombia and back start from just $ 350.

– Accommodation
We can help you in booking the best hotels or apartments in the best locations at the best rates.
Apartments in Bogota  can be found for  less than $50 per night.

– Personal expenses
– Food
– Transportation for the ladies in not included 
We can arrange you a personal driver at economic rates.


Contact us for prices and and monthy deposits towards the tour.

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How it works ?

Step 1: Let´s get started

If you are interested in finding a latin life partner, please contact us now.

Please click on the following link and let us know a day and time range to schedule a free phone consultation.

Contact us to find the love of your life

In this free phone consultation we will get to know your criteria, expectations and explain in which aspects we can assist you in finding you the right latin life partner.

Our clients  fly down to Colombian as soon as possible to meet potentials ladies with one of our Matchmakers, according to their criteria right away, without prior commmunication.

Please consider that the service has to be booked at least 14  days prior to your arrival in Colombia, so we will enough time to organize the meetings and your colombia trip.

After booking your hotel and flight to Bogota, Colombia you inform us how many meetings you would like to book.

We can assist you in booking your hotel in Bogotas best area.
The price of the total tour fee depends on which services are included.

At this point we would like to highlight that we do not offer any group romance tours or similar events, thus we do not have a tour schedule.

All our unique Matchmaking service includes are personal, individual and sincere approach.

Our lead time is 14 days. Please don´t contact us directly from Colombia. Due to the nature of your system we can not provide you introductions from one day to the next.

Our Personal Matchmaking Service includes exclusively one to one introductions with our female members that are interested in getting to know you.

This is what makes our service unique in Latin America with a success rate over 90%

Before we will schedule any dates for you we will need your Hotel booking and flight confirmation and the payment of full fee.
Personal tours are bookable starting from 4 introductions to potential matches.

The ladies that you will meet  during your tour will be picked considering your given criteria.

We only schedule introductions with ladies
that have seen your video presentation, personal information and photos and that
are interested in getting to know you.  


How does the matchmaking process work?

We offer our clients 2 matchmaking options to choose from

Option 1 – Dates based on your given criteria

If you book this option, we will schedule dates with our female members that meet the criteria that you will give us ( Age-range , without kids or how many kids maximum ect. )
This is the right option, if you want to take advantage of our long year experience in matchmaking with Colombian women. All ladies that you will meet will be hand picked by me or our matchmakers.

Option 2 – VIP Service –  Suggestions based on your given criteria –  Favourites list ( Bonus )

Option 2 is the same as option 1 but it includes 2 additional options: Suggestions & Favourites list ( Bonus )


We will send you a list of females that meet your criteria for you to review.

In case you are not interested in one of several female members of that list, we will eliminate these female members from the list.

After the final list is set, we will start to contact the ladies from the list in order to find out which ladies are interested in getting to know you in Bogota, Colombia.

Favourites list ( Bonus ):

With this option you will also be able to create a favourites list and we will investigate which ladies from your list are interested in getting to know you.

The more female members you will add to your list. The higher are the chances that you will exclusively meet  female members of your list.

When we know which ladies are interested, we will schedule the dates at public locations like cafes or restaurants.

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Step 3: Arrival in Bogota, Colombia.

Before you consider traveling to Colombia we can assist you with the accomodation by sending you Hotel recomendations. All Hotels are located in safe environment in a tourist area where all our clients are located.

One of our Translator and guides will pick you up from your Hotel and accompany you to your first date.

If desired we will personally contact each lady after the date to inquire if the interest for a 2nd date is mutual.

Our Matchmakers, dating coaches and interpreters are Colombian  and have a lot of experience in matchmaking with Colombian women, they have all been personally trained by me.
Our matchmakers give you useful dating tips and extremely valuable advices before, during and after the meetings to make sure that you will be successful in finding the right life partner at your Colombia trip.

The meetingswill take place in public places, such as  coffee shops or restaurants in a shopping centre close to your Hotel.

Our interpreter will ensure a smooth and relaxed conversation during the dates.

Our translation service is limited to 2 hours per date ,usually more than enough time to get to know your potential candidate.




Call us now at: 347-983-0204 (U.S)
for consultation and booking !


Email us directly:


Please understand that we do not have a automatic system and that  is necessary to book a free phone consultation first to get to know you, your expectations, criteria and to see a recent photo. Based on this we can estimate the chances of mediation and determine if we can assist you in finding you life partner in Colombia.

You pay the full fee at least 14 days in advance of your arrival in Bogota, Colombia.
* – Our professional interpreter/ guide is only available for the dates with women that do not speak  English.

Cick here  to see which tourist activities.
Additional excursions can be booked optionally for the dates and tourist activities.

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