Colombia Bachelor Party in Bogota


Our tour offers a unique opportunity for you to travel to Bogota, Colombia over the weekend and meet dozens of fabulous Colombian Single Ladies from our website with no need to make an online appointment beforehand.

An other Bachelor Party in Colombia ?
So what´s different here ?

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The most important difference here is that we only work with prescreened Colombian Single ladies from Bogota that
are honestly seeking a committed relationship that leeds to marriage.

We are  a recognized Colombian matchmaking service with a main focus on personal one-to-one introductions in the past 5 years.
We are very experienced in matchmaking and have helped many couples to find love.

Due to the high demand we created our Romance Tour

Our aim is always to create the perfect event, that gives you the unique opportunity to meet dozens to hundreds of our pre-screened Colombian Single Ladies seeking a serious relationship with a foreign gentleman over the weekend. 

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You may have come across that the other single bachelor parties in Colombia are either in Barranquilla, Medellin or Cartagena.
In fact we are the only company that offers Bachelor Tours and  One to One Introductions in Colombias capital.
So, why should you consider Bogota (the capital of Colombia) ?
Due to our experience the most important point would be that in Bogota you will find one of the most  educated women in Colombia and Latin America.
Bogota is not only Colombias capital but also the biggest city with almost 7 million inhabitans.
Can you imagine how many Colombian Single Ladies are dreaming about finally getting to know family-oriented foreign gentlemen in Bogota alone ?
In Bogota you can meet Colombian Single Women from all parts of Colombia, because most Colombians are forced to move to the capital, because it´s the only place
where they can find a job or study.
Bogota is really an insiders tip, if you are looking for the most sincere and educated Colombian Ladies that are truely family-oriented and seeking marriage.
Also if you are interested in meeting white caucasian Colombia ladies, Bogota is the place to be.


(from Friday to Tuesday )

28 – 1 JULY – AUGUST 2017

25-29 AUGUST 2017

22-26 SEPTEMBER 2017

27-31 OCTOBER 2017

24-28 NOVEMBER 2017

15-19 DECEMBER 2017


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 1 year Membership. Send and receive unlimited messages for one year.

 Airport pickup (from Bogota El Dorado Airport to your hotel.)

 Hotel Lodging 4 Nights including breakfast (Private Hotel Room with own bathroom and flatscreen cable TV and WiFi)

 Meet dozens of Colombian Single Ladies at our 2 events (Saturday and Sunday) in Bogota, Colombia.

 A professional interpreter available during the events.

 Guided City Tour. (Discover the best tourist spots of Bogota together with our tour guide)

  Only pre-screened and verified Colombian Single Women seeking a serious and committed relationship.

  To ensure your safety we provide you a Guide during your stay in Colombia.

  Representant available during your stay in Colombia.

Support via phone, Skype and E-mail.


What does the tour price not include?

– Your airplane ticket from your destination to Bogota and back.
(Click here to find the cheapest flight tickets to Bogota!)
(Flights from the U.S.A to Bogota, Colombia and back start from just $ 350!)

– Personal expenses
– Restaurant and bar bills are not included
– Food (only breakfast in the hotel is included)
–  Translator outside of the agencies events. ( You can hire our translators if you need translation service outside of our events. )
– Transportation (Only Airport pickup is included) (We can arrange you a personal driver at economic rates)


TOUR FEE –  Only 899 USD

1st Payment 399 USD DOWN PAYMENT

2nd Payment 500 USD 7 days before arrival in Bogota, Colombia

Click on following button to make your reservation.


Bring your friends !


20 % DISCOUNT  for each of your friends that you bring with you on one of our Romance Tours !

Please contact us in order to receive the payment instructions.


Book your flight to Bogota, Colombia today!


FRIDAY – ARRIVAL DAY in Bogota, Colombia

You you will be picked up by our staff and brought to your hotel.
Some men like to rest up & be ready for all the events that we have planned over the next several days. Then there are some that will really enjoy the night life. Also there are many late night restaurants and disco’s around town to enjoy.


After breakfast there will be a guided city tour, including the gold museum in Bogota´s historical centre.

Then at 3:00 pm we will personally introduce you at our Event!
We will have Hundreds of Beautiful Ladies at this event just to meet and get to know you! Remember, we will also have  translators helping out at all of our events; these translators work for & are there to assist you in meeting
all of the beautiful ladies that your heart desires. (there is no extra charge for
the use of the translators during any of our event time periods).
One big hint, you can not be shy, get to know & become friends with all of the translators, they are there to help you meet the lady of your dreams. Since you will be the guest of honor, we will ask you to prepare a simple introduction of yourself, so the ladies will know a little about you & what you are looking for in a future lifetime partner.

You will want to spend your entire & valuable time meeting, visiting, hugging, taking photos & getting to know all of the beautiful ladies! If at any time you need help, please let us know!  Some of the ladies & gentlemen may want to continue visiting & dancing the night away at any of the local discos or restaurants where you can take a date for the evening.

We might even suggest going as a group or double dating with friends.


Remember that the ladies are your best tour guides & would truly be happy to show you their city. Whatever you do get ready for the 2nd night reception. Hundreds of More Beautiful Ladies want to Meet You. Introductions will begin about 7:00pm “You will truly be the guest of honor again”. This night is included with lots of 1 on 1 Personal Touches, you will Love It! We will have many of the same translators, so they will be able to tell your story much easier & faster. By now you will be an old pro at all of this!



This is the day you & that truly special lady can really tour the city, the malls, the countryside, an enjoyable massage or where ever you desire!

Again, you may want to double date with another couple that you have met,


This is the only sad day for some, departure day. But for those with a flexible schedule we would fully recommend that you plan ahead & stay a few extra days because you will have collected so many names, addresses, numbers & e-mails of so many Beautiful, Sincere ladies that you can continue to date as long as you wish! But whenever you have to leave, be sure & contact the airlines at least 48 hours in advance to confirm everything.

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Call us now at: 347-983-0204 (U.S) for a free consultation.

Contact us today.


How many women can I expect to meet?

About 50 ladies will be invited.

If I need a translator for an individual date (outside of the events), how much would that cost?

The rates of the translators are 10 usd per hour. Additional hours and full day support are negotionable.

I would also hope to meet women that are open-minded to meeting non-white men.

Don´t worry the ladies in Colombia are open minded to non-white men since, since their culture is predominately non white.
We have worked with black gentlemen many time and they did as good as white gentlemen.

Is there a typical budget I should anticipate spending in Bogota?

Expect to spend about 20 USD ( 60.000 Colombian Pesos ) per day ( more or less ) in Bogota.

Is it most cost effective for me to bring Colombian Pesos, change dollars at the airport, or withdraw cash from local ATMs as needed?

If you can bring Colombian Pesos from your country it would be ideal ( only a small amout 50 – 100 usd )
You can also exchange USD at the airport at the best rate.



Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.
Por favor escriba su usario y contrasena con los que se ha regsitrado anteriormente. Si usted se ha registrado con facebook hagal click en el button LOG IN WITH Facebook. Gracias!


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