We strongly recommend to get to know your potential wife very well before inviting her to your home or even considering marriage.

Theroretically you can return with a Colombian woman that you meet with our Service in 3-5 days, if she is willing to go return to your country with you, right after getting to know you if she has a U.S visa already.

From our experience it is extremely unlikely that a Colombian Girls accepts to fly back with a Client right after meeting her. Please consider that many women have Jobs or other obligations !
They can not leave Colombia just like that the next day.

Even if you find a Colombian Girl that has a U.S VISA and that is ready to fly back to the U.S. with you immediately after getting to know her that is not a good sign !
Only a prostitute or a girl with bad intentions would do that, but again, very few Colombians do have a U.S Visa.

You can´t just invite any Colombia girl to your home !
There are Girls that have nothing but bad intentions and will end up stealing you money or will disappear as soon they arrive in your city, in the best case !

The whole idea behind our Personal Matchmaking Service is to
protect our clients that are actually seeking a Latin wife from these kind of women

If you consider inviting her to your house, this process can take time, especially if the Colombia girl doesn´t have a U.S VISA already.

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