– Upload serval good quality pictures of yourself to your profile

In this digital internet world pictures are the most important impression. If you don´t have  at least one picture on your profile you can not expect mayor reactions from the women of our site. Your pictures ideally should be from good quality and show you from your best side. If you have serval good quality pictures of yourself, its a plus for you.

– Go online regulary

From the moment on when you become a BASIC or GOLD Member, we will ancounce you as a new member in our Colombian Women mailling list. Nevertheless, if you want to appear regularly on our first page, in order that existing and new female members can find you better, you should log in regulary.

– Send friend requests and messages to our female members.

Our members, recieve a notification sent directly to their email if you send them a friend request or a private message!

– Try to describe yourself what you are seeking in detail.

The chances that you will attract the women you are seeking will increase, if you describe in detail, what kind of women you are seeking. What are your criteria? This means: Write more than just 1 sentence in your ABOUT ME:  field. As a GOLD member you can have your profile translated into Spanish.

– Be honest about your profile information.

Its always better to be honest about your profile information, because if you are seeking a serious relationship, you dont want to start one based on lies.

– Subscribe to our newsletter

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