La Destileria

La destilleria is a nice and comfortable bar, their specialties are unique Martinis. The most popular cocktail for Colombian women is called “pornstar”. In this video you can see that they are first heading to the bar “La Distileria” and how the bartender is making this cocktail. It`s ingredientes are:


Juice of maracuya
Triple sect
Vodka Vanilla
ice cubes

Curuba is a special unique and very delcious Colombian fruit.


Localtion: Calle 85 # 12-91BogotáBogota D.C., Kolumbien

One Shot

The bar One Shot has the largest cocktails card with european music, indierock and a great atmosphere. The most popular cocktail is Cucarocho and a few other cocktails served in flames.

Cucaracha is  made of:

Flaming cocktail

The best coffee liquor in the world from Colombia

The Blowjob cocktail:

Margarita blue and Margarita with peach flavour
orange juice

This cocktail also will be served with flames.

The most interesting thing about this One Shot bar is, that it offers 200 different shots. The shots have  the following flavours: sweet, flammable, tradicional, creamy, strong, spicy, tropical. The idea is that you will be having unique experience and  enjoy a carneval of tastes and an unique atmosphere.

If you`re looking for Reggaeton then this place won`t be the right for you. Here you won`t be hearing this kind of rhythm but alternative rock, new wave, and electronic music. On wednesday it is always the LatinGlam day where they are playing african rythms and groovy latin beats.

In summary you will find an impressive card with high quality drinks and DJ`s that will make you dance. Besides there`s a professional team of Bartenders which guarantee an awesome night in  “One Shot.”

Direction: Calle 84bis No 14 – 34

Telephone: 301 6444997

Business hours: Wednesday until saturday from 7:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m.


Main dishes are within $10.000 and 20.000

La Cerveceria Municipal

This is the third bar, which is presented in the video above. This bar is a 100 % Colombian bar which offers like the name is indicating it a great range of national aswell as imported beers.
This bartender is making a “Mojito” Cocktail.


white rum


Carrera 14a # 83 – 57, 11001000 Bogotá, Colombia

Telephone: 2363154

Today 4:00pm – 2:30am


In this bar you can enjoy music from reggaeton, crossover, salsa, electronic. The drinks are basically more economic than in other bars.

In the video you can see the artist  Sr. Wilson playing in this Bar while Colombian women are dancing to his music:

Carrera 14 No 82 -96 Bogotá, Colombia

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