LatinFeels dot com Review

The most sophisticated latin women online dating scam I have come across so far.

So, I created a profile at using an random old guys picture to see which reactions I would get.

My fake account Arthur from Germany ( 81 years old )

At the beginning the website gives you the illusion that you can choose female members according to your preference.
Age-range, Body type, Height, Weight, does she have or want children.

At the beginning everything seems perfect.

It is indeed perfectly suited to their target audience.

If you are a reader of my blog you will know that that those scam sites are that successful because they perfectly know their target audience.
They know how they think.

Most older single men, first want to chat around with potential women for a longer period of time until they are absolutely certain that the foreign girl is interested in them, before they make a trip to, let`s say, Colombia to get to know the “love of his life”.

There is an other group of men that would never even consider travelling to a country like Colombia, or anywhere, to get to know women in real life.
Some of these guys that belong to this group do not even have the resources to travel to a country like Colombia to get to know women.
Or they are married or in a relationship and bored and just want to chat with some random women for fun.
They are just feeling lonely and want to chat with attractive women.
Who can blame them ?

Nevertheless, all of them are being manipulated in believing that in all Latin America there are women that look like top models interested in just any foreign man.
No matter how he looks and how old he is !

There is an other group of single men that are seriously seeking a latin wife and would also have the resources to fly to Colombia.

If you are seriously looking for a wife in Latin America or elsewhere, you have to be aware that you can never find any woman on a scam site like LatinFeels!

You need expert guidance and support by a honest matchmaking service, which will introduce you to suitable potential candidates.


With this article I just want to encourage men that are about to use, or have used these kind of scam sites to use common sense,
because if you use common sense you will clearly notice this immense scam.

My fake profile with the picture of the old man recieved:

– 42 messages ( fake auto-generated texts)
– 24 mails 
– 29 profile visitors
– 1 girl even added him to her favourites list
– and 7 other girls liked him.

All in the first 5 minutes after creating the profile !!

Now lets take a look at the girls that are interested in old Arthur:

Note the browser notification telling Arthur that he has one more admirer !

Maria Jose a 29 year old Latina model with big breast wants to chat with Arthur, 81 years old.

All of these sites want to make you believe that all members are “validated” to sell you the illusion that the profiles are real, but this is not true.

The special thing about Latinfeels is that the site lets you chat for FREE for some minutes. 
I haven´t seen such a thing before. Usually those kind of scam sites that use a pay per credit system only use auto-generated messages in order to make you pay. 

Latinfeels is more sophisticated in this sense. 
It lets its users chat with a real person before asking for money. 

The most important thing you have to know is:
You are NOT talking to the latina model that you see. You are talking to some random person.


Here are SOME of the 42 fake chat requests that I have recieved.
Those chat-requests are automatically generated.
Everyone that registers and creates a profile there gets the same chat requests by the same women.

Check out the weird messages this site uses for the auto-generated chat requests:

I want to fly there…

Can I visit you?

Do you like to walk ?

I am a very confident…

I never want ti be a..

Im very good at… ?

Let´s take closer look at the messages that 81 yeared old Arthur got.

In case you can not read them I´ll write them down here:

Maria, 23, from Medellin, Colombia

Dear Arthur Honey, I never believe I will fall in love at the first sight until I met you. You lightened my whole heart….


Anlly, 26, Baranquilla, Colombia

Have you ever felt an irresistible feeling of wanting to meet someone? well thats happening to me now that I see your profile.

Let us keep in mind that Arthur looks like this:

My fake profile: 81 y.o. Arthur is very popular among Latin girls in their 20s.

Does anyone still think that this is real ?

The whole site is designed to make their potential users pay.

All starts with a free registration, then you get bombared with messages, chat requests and even emails until you finally pay.

Sure the prices seem low, so that anyone could afford it but that`s the trick.

Anyone, no matter how low their income is can afford spending 50-100 bucks, this way the target a very wide audience of men that would like to chat with much younger foreign women.

If you want to communicate with the fake profiles you must exchange your real money into virtual credits.

Beware: These kind of credit systems are very deceitful because most people lose track of how much money they are spending.

I have personally talked with hundreds of men that have lost over 4000 Dollars within 2-3 months on similar sites.

So how does the Latinfeel credit system work and what do you get for your money ? 

You’ll have to buy credits to talk to ladies.
3 credits cost $7
60 credits cost $299
100 credits cost $399

Let’s take a look at their rates.

  1. Chat. Live chat costs 2 credits per minute, chat stickers cost 5 credits, and you’ll have to pay 10 credits for each chat photo.So let`s say you buy 60 credits for “only” $299. You will only be able to chat for 30 minutes or LESS. Depending if you buy stickers or if you want to see the pictures that these fake profile are sending you.
    I have forgot to mention that each message and chat requests comes with pictures, but you´ve got to pay to see the additional pictures that they sent you.

    Let me remind you again at this point that you are not talking to the Latin Model you see, you are talking to some random guy or women sitting in a call center, who is trained to keep you chatting and spending more and more money.


  2. Videos. It’s 50 credits for watching a video in chat, 50 credits for each video you open in a letter, 25 credits for watching profile videos, and 100 credits (!) for uploading a video to your profile.
  3. Letters. Sending a letter costs 10 credits for the first letter and 30 credits for all the letters after the first one, opening a letter costs 10 credits (the first one is free). Opening a photo in a letter costs 10 credits.
  4. Real-life services. Real gifts have different prices (but they are quite expensive). You can also request a date (it costs 625 credits), and if you want to get the contact details of a woman, you’ll have to spend at least 3000 credits on talking to her.

I dont even know what to comment at this point.
At this point It should be more than clear that Latinfeels one of the biggest rip-offs in the history of online-dating-scams.

This is a browser notification that I got.

Girls that have liked me, or rather said, my fake profile.
Many of these girls that have liked the 81 year old gentleman are even below 30 !

This is an other girl that is interested in my fake profile Arthur.
This is not an average latina girl. This is a model with professional pictures.
Needless to say that those type of latinas are not interested in much older foreign men.

You can in fact find a younger and attractive partner in countries like Colombia, with the right support and guidance,
but trust me those kind of women that look like models are not interested in much older average foreign guys.
This is an illusion that the online dating scam world is selling you.

An here is the message that I / Arthur has received from Anlly, 26, Barranquilla

The message:
Have you ever felt an irresistible feeling of wanting to meet someone? 
well thats happening to me now that I see your profile. What is this feeling ?
I can not describe it, maybe you can help me, there is something in your that intrigues me, attracts me, you are a mystery an enigma that asks me to solve it, if you could be by my side and let me discover you. I man a very sincere girls, I´m also extrocerted, thats why I risk writing you, what I feel that connects us is very strong, do you feel it ?……

Also, note that just to view the attached image it will cost you 10 credits.

An other 23 y.o. Latina interested in old Arthur…

An other way this site is trying to get you back on the site is through email notifications.

Here are some emails thats I have received from

Latinfeels email notification

This is a real email that I have received from Latinfeels. Do I need to say more ? fake reviews

If you google: Latinfeels review  you will notice that all reviews that pop up at your google search are extremely positive !

So how can this be ?

Latinfeels publishes these fake postive reviews themselves. They have affiliates that publish postive reviews for them all over the internet.

This is for the guys that register for free and create their account at this website and want to check some reviews for the site BEFORE forking out their credit cards.

Then, of course they find only 5 star reviews and pay.

I will try to publish all Latinfeels fake-review websites that I can find here:
This one also published positive fake reviews for OTHER similar foreign women sites like: AsiaCharm and AsiaDate.

Excerpt from this fake review:


The platform is basically free, however, to access advanced features, users are required to upgrade membership by paying a few dollars. To do this efficiently, the site operates on a system of payment which is done by purchasing credits.


So these are only SOME of the fake review websites that pop up when you search for Latinfeels review at google.
I can not repeat enough, that these reviews are fake and created by the owners themselves.

If you want to read REAL reviews that check out following site:

So here is some feedback from people that have used Latinfeels.

Let´s see what they have to say:


The profiles of top-notch however you have no way of verifying that this person is who they say they are. To my experience I talked to 20 different women none of them were willing to leave the website to talk to you. Worse yet they work on the credit system and each text you send for each email costs

 a certain amount so you could have 40 credits and it’ll be gone just by talking to someone in 5 minutes. All the women are very beautiful but all of them supposedly from Latin America now, and having a very limited access to the English language write perfect English. If you want to waste money go here they’ll be happy to take it from you.


This site is totally a fraud, they purchase profiles or models that are super sexy and lure you in to spend all your hard earned money. They get aggressive and even sexually respond to you. And when you reply there is no response! Spend your money somewhere else!


The profiles are fake , they have people that give answers to your messages and try to keep you spending money on the site. But you never receive any proof that they are real. The profiles are purchased by Latin feels and they say they are validated. That’s totally bogus. And they do not refund anything. They just keep telling

 you that moderation team is investigating the issue. I ask a number of the profiles to send a photo of them holding a note to me and NONE will do this, why because they are not the person in the profile. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS SITE ! ! ! It’s all a fraud !

Do you want to connect to “Latinas” that don’t speek Spanish and only will chat with you?
A pretty good business for them – but bad for us who are looking to some real contacts.The page is Scam.

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