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How to use this website

Logging into your account:

In order to log into your account click on the white button “LOG IN” at the upper right corner of this site.

Then enter the username and password that you used to creat your account and click at LOG IN.
If you forgot your password click at “Forgot your username and password?” in order to reset your password.

Members Gallery

Go to then click on Members“.
(In order to have access to our female members gallery you have log into your account)

Choose your desired search criteria in the upper area of the members page and click on the red button with the magnifier symbol:

In order to prevent your search to jump back to page one, after returning to the members page, after viewing a profile, please open the profiles using “right-click open link in a new tab”

Reading messages:

When you recieve a message our system will send you an email.
In order to respond to the message you have to log into your account.

1. After logging into your account click at the black triangle symbol ( between the PROFILE and LOG OUT button )

2. Then click at messages.

3. Click at the subject line, in order to view the message.

In order to respond to messages a membership level is required.
Click here view our membership options:

Sending Messages:

1. Open the members Gallery and set your search critiera as described above.

2. Open a profile with right click “open a new tab”

3. Click at the “Private message” button.

4. Leave the space after the username on the right site empty.

5. Enter a subject line and your message and click at the red button below.

In order to send “private messages” a membership level is required.
Click here view our membership options:

Friend requests:

Click on „Add friend“ to send a friend request.

Viewing pending friend requests:

1. After logging into your account hover over the upper right corner of the site, where it says Howdy + your name.
2. Hover over the Friends tab and select Pending Requests.

To accept friend requests click at the red Accept button, to reject  friend requests click at the white reject button.

Following other users:

Click on „Follow“ to follow a female member.
The female members your are following will appear at your under „Following“

If a female member follows you she will appear under „Followers“ at your profil.

Reporting Users:

By clicking on „repost user“ you have the possibility to report female users with suspicious behaviour.

Uploading photos:

1. You can upload more photos by clicking at >Media after logging into your account.
2. Then click at Select your files. ( You can upload several photos at once, by selecting them)

Concerns or questions?

Please contact us in case you have a question regarding our services. CALL US AT: 347-983-0204 (U.S) Thank you!

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