If you are a reader of my blog, you will have read my posts about the type of Colombian girls I DO NOT recommend.

This post is about the Colombian women I recommed you to date and eventually to marry.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, when it comes to Colombian / Latina women in general, her social background is an important factor to take into consideration, now the common problem is that most American or European men do not know nothing about social classes in Colombia.

A Colombia girl is a Colombian girl, they are all the same, right ?

To understand the importance of choosing a Colombian woman from an upper social class, you have to take following things into consideration:

Colombian men are only interested in Colombia girls  which are in the same social class as themselves.

So why should you deal with women from the lowest Colombian social classes?

In Colombia there are 6 social levels called stratos, where 1 is the lowest ( ghetto ) and 6 the highest social class.

Colombian men from the higher social classes do not accept a Colombian girls from  lower social classes.

Colombian Girls

Colombian Girls


The reasons for that are:

Colombians from lower social classes are very poor and often involed in criminal activities in order to just survive.

That´s why  wealthier Colombians are afraid that they could end up loosing money if they engage with low class Colombian girls.

Colombians from higher social classes think that girls from lower classes are only interested in financial gain.
They think that their idea is to marry a wealthier Colombian guy and then never work again.

Wealthier Colombian men want a partner which has a similar educational and social level.
They are looking for women with a similar earning potential as themselves.

A Colombian that earns about 3 million pesos  (barely 1000 USD a month) is considered upper class ( social class strato 4-5 ).
Now since the “family shopping basket”  is about 3 million pesos you can imaging why it is necessary that both partners have to work.

The basic family shopping basket doesn´t include rent or other expenses, it only incluses the most basic foods.
The Colombian mimimum wage is about 700 000 pesos (barley 250 USD a month ).

Make sure your Colombian girl is not too high class.

Although, unlikely, but it is also possible that your Colombian girl is a higher social class then yourself.

Imagine if you are a plumber and your Colombian girlfriend lives in a mansion with maids and her parents are filthy rich ?

These “high class” Colombian girls are extremely spoilt and have higher expectations.
They aren´t looking for just any Gringo, but some Gringo that can provide that a similar standart of living.

These “rich” Colombian girls will not cook or ever do any chores, because they are used to have maids.

In Colombia having maids isn´t something reserved to only the richest Colombiands.
It is common that even middle-class to upper-class Colombians have maids.

That´s why I don´t recommed you to engage with “rich” “high-class” Colombian girls.

Low class Colombian girls often do not have manners nor education.

Ok, sometimes even Colombian girls from wealthier families are spoilt and do not have manners,
but in general low class Colombians do have  any manners or education.

I don´t have a problem if the girl is poor, but if she doesn´t have any manners or respect, I can´t deal with that.

Many of these low class Colombians do not even have morals or values and are capable of doing ANYTHING just for some financial gain. Many of them are even criminal !

That´s why I strongly recommend American men ( Western men in general )  not to waste time with girls from the lowest Colombian classes.

Americans or other “Westerners” should stick with Colombian women that are more “western-like”.

Ideally, these women are from good families.

With “good family” I mean families that are not from the lowest Colombian social classes, families that are capable of educating their daughter in terms in behaviour and manners.

Ideally the Colombian girl has studied and is currently working is a well paid job.

The Colombian girl should be educated and knowing how to treat a man with respect.

For me the social class is somehow important, but it isn´t my main criteria.

That Colombians from lower classes do not have manners or it is a generalization,
but many Colombians would agree that it´s true.
It´s a fact that they lack of education because, education in Colombia is a business reserved to Colombians with money.

For me the educational level of a Colombian Girl isn´t a main criteria, as long as she is respectful, smart and has manners.

Colombian Girls

Colombian Girls

The Colombian girl should be smart.

Just because she didn´t have the financial means to study, it doesn´t mean that she is dump.

However, there are Colombian girls that will not even be able to learn English, or even achieve a basic English level.

I don´t recommend “Western men” to engage with latin women that are just plain stupid.
Believe me, from what I have seen, it just doesn´t end well.
I would suggest to stay away from these girls, if you have serious intentions to marry a Colombian woman.

I call tell you that a Colombian woman has to be exceptionally smart (for Colombian standarts) in order to become fluent in English.

Ideally the Colombian girl doesn´t have kids already.

I recommend not to marry Colombian girls that already have kids, unless you have kids yourself or you don´t mind to marry a woman that already has a child.

The majority of Colombian girls that do not have kids do not want to marry foreign men that already have a bunch of small kids.

Ideally you choose a Colombian girl that doesn´t have kids and start your own family with her.

You have to know that it is kind of rare to find women that do not have kids already in Colombia.
Abortion is still illegal in Colombia and the country also has no sexual education.

The result is that most Colombian girls do have kids already.

If you have found some amazing Colombian girl and you don´t mind  to accept her with her child, that´s fine.

Colombian Girls

Colombian Girls

Make sure that the age gap isn´t too big

Although in Colombia you can find younger women interested in older men, you should be informed that Colombian girls also age slower mentally. For instance a 19 yeared of girl from the U.S can be totally mentally mature and just act like an adult.

Colombian girls are not that mentally mature until the reach the age of 35 or so.
If you date a Colombian girl that is 25 or younger you have to keep in mind that her MENTAL AGE can be that from a 13 yeared old.

Thumb rule: With Colombian girls you have to subtract at least 10 years from are actual age to get an idea of her mental age.

That´s because their parents treat her daughters like childs, even though they are grown up and in most cases they are forced to live in their parents house until marriage.

That´s why I recommed not to date Colombian girl that are much younger than yourself.
These younger Colombian girls are just do not have any responsablity. They are anything but mature.

Make sure she is mentally stable

In my opinion mental instability is more prevalent in Latin America. This has a lot to do with violence, social insecurity and lack of quality psychological treatment.

That´s why I always recommend to get to know your Colombian girl and live with her for a while before considering marriage.
So you can test her in different situations and get an idea of how mentally sane she is.

You have to know that Latinas are much more jealous in general, but there is a gap between “sane-jealousy” and “insane-jealousy”


– Avoid Colombian girls from the lower Colombian social classes.

– Avoid spoilt high-class Colombian girls.

– Take time to get to know her before marriage.

– Make sure she has a good family background.

– Make sure she is respectful and has manners.

– Make sure that she is smart or at least average intellectual functioning.

-Ideally she has studied at a University and currently has a job or is willing to work or to do chores and raise children.
  Unless you are a real Sugardaddy and you don´t want your woman to ever move a finger.

– Ideally she doesn´t have kids already.

-Make sure that she is mentally sane.

-Make sure that the age gap isn´t too big

Finding the right Colombian wife and taking all these points into consideration, in order not to end up with the wrong kind of Colombian girl, can be a real challange for most “Western Men”.
That´s why I have created this service in order to guide and support YOU to find the right Colombian bride.

Are you interested in meeting prescreened marriage minded Colombian single women of your criteria?


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